Pre-Listing Inspection

Superior Home Inspections in Rochester NY

Superior Home Inspections in Rochester NY

We can help you, if we get there first

Just as a new home buyer is excited about purchasing a new home, you should be just as excited about selling your home. After all, you most likely will be purchasing a new home for you and your family as well. 

You may have already secured a Realtor and listed your home. Heck, you may already have an offer. All that is left before the deal is done is the buyers home inspection. How exciting!  

Then we show up.  

Next thing you know, you have been hit with a laundry list of defects that the buyer wants repaired or credited prior to closing as per their Home Inspection Report. Not so exciting.   

We can help you, if we get there first.  

Our Pre-Listing Inspection will give you insight on what may show up on your buyers Home Inspection Report. We will discuss and provide you with a written report of the findings. You can then decide what steps you want to take. You may choose to take care of any issues in advance, adjust your sell price accordingly, or do nothing at all.

Whichever you decide, you will at least have an idea of what issues may be present on your buyers inspection report. Having this information in advance will help make this already stressful transaction run a little smoother and may even speed up the process for you, your family and your buyer. 

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Pre Listing Inspections in Rochester, NY

Pre Listing Inspections in Rochester, NY

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